Who we are

Elkopur is a trademark licensed for use by the company SCEN which deals with innovative products in the Health, Wellness, Sport sector.

The Scen can be summarized in these few points:

  • Lean company attentive to the consumer both during and after sales.
  • Selected raw materials from all over the world, with preference Made in Italy , ONLY top quality
  • Sectors involved: Natural supplements for sport and health, superfoods, certified cosmetics, Pillow line with organic spelled husks handmade in Tuscan Chianti and much more. We are always looking for products, we don't follow the fashions of the moment, but we look at the substance.
  • SCENE is a certified reseller of a wide range of natural products for everyone's well-being, with the aim of offering the best solution for every need. From sports to cosmetics, via a wide range of health products. The catalog is full of products specifically formulated and certified to offer quality, obtained with excellent raw materials and completely verified procedures to keep the properties of the ingredients intact used. 

  • QUALITY MARK - ELKOPUR brand products they are of natural origin made using delicate production technologies, without heat accumulation, without additives and technological adjuvants, without dyes and synthetic preservatives, without GMOs. We take extreme care and commitment to select high quality raw materials and we check their analyzes at the origin and with random checks on the finished products. The best health and complete and balanced nutrition favoring natural sources are the fundamental pillars that have characterized our business since the beginning. Our supplements are notified to the Ministry of Health and are produced in Italy in specialized laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health according to very high quality production standards. Products of certain and safe origin, perfectly formulated to allow maximum health benefits. SCEN undertakes not to produce and sell products intended for human consumption that contain and/or result from the industrial processing of insects.