1) Is the use of Elkopur312-Zeolite+Montmorillonite safe?
The Zeolite and Montmorillonite used for Elkopur312 are of excellent quality and if taken as recommended on the instructions leaflet it is SAFE! No side effects and contraindications. However, for people with health problems it is recommended to consult your doctor or trusted pharmacist before taking the product.
2) When should Elkopur312-Zeolite+Montmorillonite be taken?
There are no particular moments in which Elkopur312 should be hired.
However, it is recommended to take it at least 1 hour and a half away from any other drug-supplement to avoid interaction and possible reduction in the effectiveness of the drug-supplement. If taken before night rest Elkopur312 lightens the work of the liver and helps to create an alkaline state of the organism resulting in a deeper night rest. If taken immediately after a meal Elkopur312 absorbs about 30% of the fat in the meal.
3) Should the intake of Elkopur312-Zeolite+Montmorillonite be cycled or finished within a certain period? How long can it be taken?
There are no particular recommendations in this regard and it is left to the advice of your doctor or to your own interpretation and sensitivity. There is no maximum intake period and there is no need to stop taking it. The recruitment period can vary according to various parameters such as the state of health, the level of polluting substances, the persistence or not of polluting sources. In general it is recommended to take cycles of 1-2 months with suspension for the same period.
4) The intake of Elkopur312-Zeolite+Montmorillonite can cause discomfort such as eg. dizziness?
Yes, if the detoxification is high due to an important degree of organic intoxication, the typical effects of a detoxification phase can be felt in the first few days, such as light-headedness, dizziness, desire to sleep. This should not be interpreted as a malnourishing factor, but as a reaction of the organism to the lack of the toxin stimulus. It is sufficient to reduce the dosage of Elkopur312 for a few days and once these sensations have disappeared, gradually increase the dosage over the days. A migraine is the body's main warning sign of intoxication. The toxins in the body have increased so fast that the poisons are circulating in the bloodstream and causing pressure in the brain and on the nerves. Dehydration also causes migraines. A quick way to get rid of a migraine is to drink lots of water or moisturize your colon with an enema.
5) Can women taking birth control pills take Elkopur312?
Yes, women taking the contraceptive pill can take Elkopur312 but, as also reported in the internal leaflet, it is recommended to take Elkopur312 away from other medicines-supplements for at least 1 1/2 - 2 hours and in any case it is advisable to consult with your doctor.
6) Is it true that Zeolite can contain metals such as lead or aluminum?
Yes it is true, as being both Zeolite and Montmorillonite two volcanic mining lands they can contain traces of these minerals being a natural compound. The important thing, from a healthy point of view, is that these minerals are not released inside the human body during the passage of the product. To have this certainty it is important that the molecule of the raw material is worked with suitable procedures which keep it "closed" - sealed. Elkopur312 is processed through 4 phases each of them with checks by independent certifying bodies and does not undergo chemical and physical processing. Elkopur312 guarantees absolute safety and quality which allows it to be placed on the market with CE certification. Elkopur312 is a 100% safe product with no contraindications.
7) Can Elkopur312 be taken without problems even if one has some dental amalgams?
If the dental amalgam has been made well, i.e. the various metals that compose it are firmly united, Elkopur312 cannot alter this "balance", but if it should happen that a piece of amalgam breaks and ends up in the stomach, or if you change the amalgam with a white filling, then Elkopur312 is not only recommended but necessary to quickly and safely counteract any release of gases and heavy metals. If you plan to remove or replace some dental amalgam fillings, it is advisable to take Elkopur312 already 2 weeks before the operation and continue for at least another 2 weeks after the operation.

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