Zeolite and montmorillonite - Elkopur312

Properties and detoxifying effects

Our product Elkopur 312 >eolite

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All pharmacies can supply ELKOPUR 312 within 24 hours of your request. It is sufficient to point out to the pharmacist that ELKOPUR 312 is present in the Farmadati and Codifa system (PARAF code 924873072 and EAN code 7640150161065) and that all Comifar warehouses , both Unico , Alliance Healthcare and also VIM are provided. If you have difficulty finding it, please contact us at and we will help you.

Distributor for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies in Tuscany-Umbria-Marche-Emilia Romagna Glencor di G. Lamenti Via O. Pieraccini n° 10, 52100-Arezzo tel. 339/6757432

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Distributor for Friuli Venezia Giulia: Biocom snc , via Sant'Antonio 4, 33080 Roveredo in Piano (PN) tel. 0434 949715

Distributor for Brescia and province Erbavoglio srl , Via Galvani 6, 25010, San Zeno Naviglio, Brescia Tel. 030-2165911

G. Lamenti distributor for Arezzo and the province of Glencor Via O. Pieraccini n° 10, 52100-Arezzo tel. 339/6757432

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