Activated Zeolite

Zeolite and montmorillonite - Elkopur312

Properties and detoxifying effects

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Activated Zeolite generally means the application of a chemical, chemical-physical or physical process to a material so that it can react more easily.
In the case of particular solids characterized by the ability to bind toxic substances on their surface such as coal, an attempt is made to increase their porosity or to increase their surface by decreasing the dimensions of the particles. This makes it possible to have a greater number of channels capable of binding toxic substances.
Elkopur Zeolite 312 is not treated through chemical or physical processes.
The activation of the Zeolite of Elkopur 312 consists of a mechanical grinding process and it is not a question of micronization.
In this way the Zeolite Elkopur 312 molecule (aluminum oxide - Al2O3) is absolutely inert, "cemented" in the mineral structure (see photo-quadrant A) and is not released into the human body:
zeolite attivata pura
This is part of the 4-phase manufacturing process of Elkopur 312, controlled according to the rigorous Swiss pharmaceutical standards which guarantee the absolute quality of the final product and allow it to be CE certified as a class 2a medical device. This means that Elkopur 312 is a 100% sterilized volcanic mineral earth preparation whose effects are constantly tested and verified before being placed on the market for human consumption. Elkopur 312 is not absorbed by the human organism, it does not have a physiological action, but only a physical one.

Elkopur 312 is a 100% safe product with no contraindications!
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For the medical-scientific body, the document "ELKOPUR 312 - Background, Application, Therapeutic Possibilities, and Study Results of the Medical Device ELKOPUR 312®" is available upon request.