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Zeolite and montmorillonite - Elkopur312

Properties and detoxifying effects

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Elkopur 312 can be considered an excellent adjuvant in body weight loss intended as a loss of fat mass.

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The amount of fat mass of our body is also greatly influenced by the amount of toxins present in the body, as toxins accumulate in fat deposits capable of producing alterations, overweight, degenerative inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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The abundant presence of toxins leads the body to increase the accumulation of fat to incorporate the toxins themselves and thus exclude them from the circulatory system.

In body fat there is an accumulation of toxins from 10 to 100 times higher than in blood therefore, one of the best contributions to remove toxins is to lose weight.
When toxins are removed the body fat that contained them is also eliminated.

As a consequence you lose weight and increase your metabolism which in turn leads to an improvement in the lean mass - fat mass ratio.

It is very important to minimize the introduction of toxins with food (pesticides, mycotoxins, plastic derivatives, excess alcohol) and to drink a lot because water has a high detoxifying power, freeing the liver from the accumulation of toxins and allowing it to better metabolize fats.

You can try to protect yourself and combat this situation by eating pesticide and chemical free food but you cannot remove all sources of toxins from the environment.

The harm to the world is widespread and pervasive.

One can take personal measures to protect oneself from the toxicity of the world and one of the best resources to remove these toxic substances from the body is the intake of Elkopur 312 .

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Elkopur 312 (a synergistic compound of Zeolite and Montmorillonite) absorbs numerous toxins and is not absorbed by the gastro-intestinal system but is expelled with the faeces together with all the harmful substances. This mechanism also applies to toxic substances that are already inside the body which are recalled into the intestinal lumen, as if attracted by a magnet, with the result of an effective systemic detoxification.

Due to the osmotic balance between the intestinal wall and the rest of the organism, the more substances are removed from the intestine, the more the organism sends the same substances that it has accumulated at a systemic level into the intestinal lumen. Elkopur 312 , therefore, through the recall in the intestinal gastrointestinal lumen, removes toxic substances of various kinds from the whole organism (heavy metals, radionuclides, chemical substances deriving from foods and medicines, viruses, bacteria, fungi and their toxins, fermentative toxins deriving from an incorrect diet and an unbalanced bacterial flora and excess acidity in the body.

Elkopur 312 is able to absorb low molecular weight compounds (e.g. hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides) as well as mycotoxins. It acts as a molecular sieve and adsorbs gases and dissolved substances of certain dimensions and therefore also all the smog that we involuntarily "eat". These substances are often present in the environment and can come into contact with the body, becoming the cause or contributing cause of various physiological dysfunctions, by altering the metabolic balance.
But that's not all: Elkopur 312 releases the trace elements and minerals it needs into the body. The body is thus detoxified, de-acidified and streamlined and at the same time remineralized : its mineral deposits are replenished again. In fact, the crystalline structure of the zeolite contains cations such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and others as well as water molecules. For more information about the adjuvant role of Elkopur 312 you can read this report here.

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Elkopur 312 is then expelled with the faeces together with all the substances it has captured, thus without straining the kidneys.

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Because the intestine is the secret of thinness.

Understanding the reason for this "miracle" is simple, since one of its daily tasks is to eliminate all that is not needed by the body, whether it is what remains of digestion, but also waste substances deriving from every activity in which every day our body is busy. Cleaning up the colon will consequently allow you to eliminate all this unnecessary weight that slows down the metabolism. It is always a useful intervention, but even necessary in the month of December, when we eat more than usual and when there is a need to increase our body's ability to quickly consume what we introduce.

The intestine is the organ that eliminates those metabolic waste that would otherwise turn into fat, but to keep it efficient it must be freed from substances that inflame it and alter its bacterial flora.

The intestine is a real shield that blocks (and expels) substances capable of slowing down the metabolism and turning into fat. These are toxins or metabolic waste that have a strong inflammatory power, which primarily damages the walls of the colon and makes them permeable. This determines a massive production of molecules such as cytokines, which favor the accumulation of fat and which lead the body, by reaction, to retain a greater quantity of water in the tissues. The inflammation deriving from the presence of excess waste substances in the terminal part of the digestive tract also interferes with the work of the intestinal bacteria which serve for digestion and assimilation of nutrients: the consequence are swelling and heaviness and sometimes food intolerances which they will make evident not only with a prominent abdomen, but with a heaviness of the whole figure. Some recent studies have highlighted a connection between a permeable and inflamed intestine and a situation of even serious overweight. The effectiveness of a detox intervention on what is one of the major filter organs therefore means a slimmer body in its complexity and even a reduction in water retention. The entire metabolism will be faster: this means that the amount of fat burned will increase and accumulations on the whole body will decrease.

(Source: Riza-Dimagrire December 2016)

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